Experienced & Professional Groomers

Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.

Keep your pet healthy with health and grooming treatments from Dog Spot Hotel. Your dog or cat will be pampered in our Bravura Salon. Our facility in Melbourne, FL is open seven days a week. Ask about our military discount program.

White dog licking nose while being groomed.

Expertise in Pet Grooming

Your pet will look happy and healthy after a pet grooming or spa treatment at Dog Spot Hotel. Benefit from our over 20 years of experience. Your pet's coat, nails, teeth, and ears will receive terrific treatment from our caring groomers.

Woman giving a haircut to a brown dog.

Special Grooming From Head to Toe

●    Baths and brushing

●    Dental upkeep

●    Nail trimming

●    Anal gland expressing

●    Flea and tick treatments

●    Ear cleaning

Baths and grooming services:

Short hair:

$36 (under 45lbs)

$41 (over 45lbs)

$41 - $77 (dogs over 100lbs, and longer, thicker coats)

Nail trim $20

Teeth Cleaning $15

Ear cleaning $15

Anal gland $15